Our Vision

Southwest Parke Community Schools

Tucked away among covered bridges and rolling hills in rural West-Central Indiana is a little school corporation that is doing big things.  Three schools make up the district – Rosedale Elementary, Montezuma Elementary and Riverton Parke Jr-Sr High School. Together they enroll around 1000 students.

At Southwest Parke, we believe that all students can learn.  Our vision is that all students will attend school daily, behave appropriately and perform at grade level or higher in all academic areas.

Our Core Beliefs:

  • Collaboration and Teamwork: Professional Learning Community
  • Respect:  Caring for self, others and property
  • Personal Best:  Striving for excellence in every job
  • Students-Centered:  Implementing what is best for kids
  • Continuous Improvement:  Using data to increase student achievement
  • Safe and Productive Learning Environment: Providing opportunity for education with the absence of fear of failure.

The initiative to transition to digital curriculum was born from these foundations.  The technology department’s mission is to prepare students for their futures by providing a professional learning community that exhibits 21st century skills.   The current vision for this journey to digital curriculum is for all teachers to incorporate digital curriculum to enhance learning, and to be non-reliant on printed textbooks.  The intent is to make learning more interactive, personalized, current, relevant, applied and authentic.  A 1:1 program, ensuring a device in the hands of every student, enables teachers to achieve these goals.

We define “digital curriculum” as content, learning exercise and assessments that involve digital components which transform learning from static memorization of material to dynamic interaction with concepts, critical thinking and application.  Digital curriculum provides differentiated learning, always current content and relevance for students who have ownership of their education.

Dr. Leonard Orr, Superintendent
Jill Wiram, Director of Instructional Technology
Rachel Porter, Digital Curriculum Integration Specialist
Ben Porter, Network and Technology Systems Manager

2 thoughts on “Our Vision

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